Fostering A Sustainable And Impactful Company Culture

Fostering a Sustainable Company Culture

Organizations are obsessed with the word “culture”, constantly working to build one that will attract talent and produce results. The perceived drivers of culture are team building, social events, monthly meetings and then utilizing a variety of buzzwords to get buy-in. While these tactics can work, the most genuine and successful cultures are developed organically, starting with organizational values, and must be present in all aspects of an operation.

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The Art of Building A Successful and High Performance Team

Every manager believes that their team of dedicated people are operating at maximum capacity and efficiency. Sure, some teams are great but the reality is that a lot of “great” teams are only good, and it is on a leader to shape them into a collection of personalities and talents that can truly deliver.

What is holding your team back and what steps can you take to foster the traits that can elevate your team?

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The Downside to Saying Yes and Learning To Say No

In 2005, radio producer and author, Danny Wallace wrote a novel titled, Yes Man. The idea was that for one year, Wallace would say yes to every offer presented to him. While this is an intriguing way to combat the mundane, it’s a weak strategy to apply to one’s career.

The average workplace is a microcosm of society where social and professional elements intersect. There’s a hierarchy ruled by etiquette, all of which is hard to ignore for those hoping to get noticed for their abilities. Most workplaces fail in running their organizations as a meritocracy.

Many equate a rise to the top by one’s willingness to say “yes”. The belief is that by uttering the word “yes”, an employee can get the attention of those higher on the ladder. Saying “yes” to every request can make you the go-to person when a job needs to be done.

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