As a thought leader, Jonmichael Moy is a contributor to a range of publications and enjoys imparting his years of experience in technology to comment on various tech-focused topics.

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Airbnb for dogs’: Do pet services go a step too far in today’s sharing economy?

It’s a dog park divided when it comes to the sharing economy. The half-dozen locals in the fenced-off section of Toronto’s Sorauren Park are all familiar with what’s commonly described as “Airbnb for dogs.

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[Interview] Jonmichael Moy, Silicon Valley Veteran On Leading Digital Products To Market

Jonmichael Moy (Jon Michael Moy) may be a seasoned veteran of Silicon Valley, but this accomplished, dedicated technology executive with more than seventeen years of experience in management

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Torstar-owned has reworked its offering, increasing the editorial focus beyond Ontario, and adding video and lifestyle tags in order to connect with car enthusiasts earlier in the purchase funnel.

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Torstar gets new

Torstar has added some extra horsepower to its online Wheels. The Toronto media company has re-launched the auto-focused site

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Bump, Split and Collect with PayPal’s mobile payment iPhone app

Touching a friend for a few bucks, splitting a bill at the restaurant, or chipping in on a gift purchases — all these have recently

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Tech Execs like Jonmichael Moy Agree: Toronto Becoming Silicon Valley of North

If you’re looking for the next technology boom town, you’d do well to look north of the border, as Toronto is seeing sharp

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Toronto’s Hot Tech Sector and Canada’s Inclusiveness Are Winning Cards

While Canada generally and Toronto specifically may not yet be ready to replace the United States and San Francisco as the leading hotbeds for tech innovation, they’re coming up fast.

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Toronto’s Tech Hub: Jonmichael Moy Only Has Positive Words for Future

It doesn’t take predictive technology to get a good picture of where Toronto is heading in its drive to become the Silicon Valley of the North. The trends are in place and specific developments underway

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Getting Your Digital Product To Market: A Road Map

Digital products are intangible – most only live on someone’s computer – but the potential revenue stream they can create is very real. Digital products include e-books, which are downloadable digital

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How Trust Factor Builds Brands and Sells New (And Old) Products

When it comes to our purchasing habits, all the advertising in the world isn’t going to sway your decision to buy if you don’t trust the company behind the product.

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Tech In Toronto: City’s Technology Community Expected

Often, when people think of technology — and innovation in the field of technology — they think of Silicon Valley.And that makes sense, because the Northern California

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Latest Trends In Conversion Optimization You Should Know About

Any marketer who uses the web for content marketing (which would be almost all of them) knows that conversion optimization is critical. Organizations looking

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