The Polarizing Democracy of Social Media

Not long ago, social networks were a fun but somewhat inconsequential place—a digital playground to share ramen photos and connect with friends over cat memes. Then, it evolved into a springboard for democracy, helping usher in movements like Occupy Wall Street. Recently, social media has emerged as an insidious danger, a tool to divide and conquer democracy.

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Elevate Toronto Will Be a Game-Changer For City’s Tech Industry

View of Toronto City Hall

You may have noticed that Toronto is solidifying its place as a North American tech hub. The Atlantic recently published a piece on how Toronto is more than happy to bring Silicon Valley employees and prospective tech talent up north. Meanwhile, in June, Tech Crunch reported on how the city is likely to become the next great producer of tech startups. The recently announced Elevate Toronto festival in September I think will only further Toronto’s status as a tech capital.
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Jonmichael Moy: Canada is the new Wild West for technology

Image showing sign board of Toronto, Canada

Canada’s rich history of technical innovation dates back to the 1970s, when Nortel Communications began shifting its focus to digital technologies, and later gave way to Bell Canada Enterprise after multiple iterations of telecom deregulation. Research in Motion, which was founded in 1984, also had a significant impact on cellular phone technology with its messaging service and BlackBerry devices.

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